Anime that I don’t like that everyone loves.


I was inspired to create this post after watching Anime America and BlackCriticGuy list of animes that they don’t like but everyone loves.

This post is basically me talking about the shows that I personally don’t like that everyone else around me seemed to love. Just to heads up, this is a 100% subjective list as well my personal opinion so there no need to get full arms insulting me just because I don’t like your all-time favourite anime.


This post is comprised of series that were overhyped by just finding them boring, not as good as everyone says it is or even downright despising. Keep in mind a 4/10 is not a show that I consider to be bad. Any anime that I give a 4/10 to are animes that I thought were mediocre or even below average for me.

Why are you giving me that stare face Asirpa!!! Oh no Asirpa please don’t tell me you’re going to summon a CGI bear to attack me!!!

A Certain Magical Index Series


My Score 4/10

A Certain Magical Index is what happens you get cocky with the things that you were given. While the Accelerator arcs and the chararter Misaka was good everything else was more underwhelming then playing Pokemon Sun and Moon post game. Touma was a god awful annoying Gary and the Index was irritating as hell. The series is super predictable thanks to its boring structure as Touma would be the one of saving the day as the other chararters only ended up looking weak.

Black Clover


My Score 1/10

Incompetence is honestly the best word to describe Black Clover. Out of all the shounen anime, I have seen never before I have been insulted by a show that simply doesn’t respect the viewer. The narrative is hot garbage and so as the characters, The story arcs minus the decent third one are as interesting as playing Fallout 76. The visuals were awful belief, and the soundtrack was overall shallow. After I had finished episode 60 of Black Clover, I decided to call it quits because there is no way am ever going to watch this hack excuse of a shounen again that is trying to become the next Naruto and Bleach. This series is dead to me. Also, the manga is not much better.

Cardfight Vanguard G all seasons.


My score 2.5/10

Saying that Cardfight Vanguard G is a trash squeal is a fast understatement. It is the worst directed and written squeal series I have ever witnessed in my life. It took everything that was good and bad about the original series and flushes it down in a public toilet. The writing was broken beyond belief so as the chararter development. The series tried to redeem itself with G Next as it gave a decently written chararter named Kazuma but it ultimately failed thanks to laughable execution and final season aka GZ was the final nail of the coffin for this broken dumpster fire. Bushiroad just why!!!

Clannad Both Seasons.


My Score 4-5/10

Disliking a show that you once loved hurts because I use to love this show during my early days of anime but now after re-watching the series I started to dislike this show especially season 1. Apart from Sunohara and Tomoyo, I really grew to dislike the characters in Clannad mainly because they were shallow and boring to watch in my eyes. Plus many of the emotional moments in the just seemed forced and badly directed thanks to character unlikability and lacklustre character drama. Am sorry Clannad I really wanted to like you but you just don’t hold up anymore in my eyes.

Devilman Crybaby.


My Score 1.5/10

What the hell was Masaaki Yuasa was thinking when directing anime… No, seriously I have never seen a show this incompetent in my life. This was a show that simply doesn’t understand the word substance as it loves to showcase its gory scenes and nude scenes right down in my face. The characters were bland as cardboard and the writing felt like a shitty schlock flick that you will find in shitty b horror movies from the 80s.

Masaaki Yuasa I still like you as a director thanks to The
Tatami Galaxy but man you were not yourself when you decided to direct Devilman Crybaby. Don’t do this again.

Gundam Build Fighters Try.


My Score 3.5/10

Gundam Build Fighters Try is terrible both narratively and visually.

This took everything that was good about the original Gundam Build Fighters and flushes it down the toilet. The series direction was awful, the pacing was horrendous, the fights were a snooze feast and the characters was appalling. Screw this…



My Score 3/10

As a person who use to play badminton as a past time during my secondary school days, I was incredibly offended with how terrible this show was. Not only the show as a serious identity crisis as it had no idea of what it wanted to be but the characters as well the character drama was ass cheeks. If it wasnt for Nagisa and the visuals that this show surpassed Days for being the worst sports anime I have ever seen. Just watch Haikyuu instead of this garbage.

Madoka Magica


My Score 4.5/10

Not gonna lie I use to love Madoka Magica as thought it was a brilliant series that is filled with great writing and characters. I thought the visuals were a masterpiece of art and I really loved the soundtrack. Unfortunately, my love of Madoka Magica expired as soon finished watching Princess Tutu, Cardcaptor Sakura as well learning how polarizing Gen Urobuchi as a writer. No surprise my opinion of Madoka Magica has changed for the worse I started to realise how badly written this show is. I may still like Sakura and Homura as characters but everyone else especially Sayaka was terribly written and directed in the narrative. Overall I may not like Madoka Magica anymore but I still have a soft spot for it.

Maison Ikkoku.


My Score 4.5-5/10

If there was an anime that soul-crushing disappointed me it would be Maison Ikkoku. I was promised a grand romcom anime that was meant to best of its genre that ha a non-high school setting but what I got is an underwhelming, contrived mess of a show that is filled with unlikable characters minus Kyoko, bad pacing and mediocre writing. I really wanted to love this series so much but in the end, I couldn’t thank to its glaring flaws that never seemed to go away for me. Also, the hype for the series from many fans of the net didn’t help all that much. Yes, the series may have an ending that most romcom lacks these days but it ultimately doesn’t matter if I gave a damm about the characters thanks to how annoying they were.
It’s not really a series that I consider to be bad or anything but it is a series that I would never watch again.

Also, screw the tenants, Minata and Yagami.

Also, check out this review from a well-known blogger as it perfectly sums up my disappointment and frustration of the series.

Megalo Box.


My Score 4/10

What a train-wreck. Seriously this show had the potential to be awesome but the incompetent writing, lifeless fights and empty characters competently killed this show for me.

Naruto series.


My Score 2.5/10

Calling Naruto a contrived series would be a fast understatement. To this day I will never understand how this show got a big following. Part 1 may be a below average shounen at best for me but part 2 aka Naruto Shippuden really highlighted how terrible Naruto is as a shounen. It may not be Black Clover and Fairy Tail tier of trash but the series still horrible that is filled with series killing problems such as awful chararter treatment, awful filler episode placement, horrid pacing and cringe including contrived dialogue. If you liked the series than good for you but for me Naruto is a mess of a shounen that deserves to be burned. Watch Hunter x Hunter and Yu Yu Hakusho instead.

Nadia: Secret of Blue Water


My Score 3.5-4/10

Nadia is the definition of a ship ride gone horribly wrong where the ship had to completely go out of service as it couldn’t recover from the icicle crash. The story was good in the beginning started to fall apart in the second half thanks to subpar writing, awful filler episodes and terrible production values. Yes, the final episodes may be decent but once again the destination doesn’t mean anything if I stopped caring for the plot and chararters.

What a shame.



My Score 4/10

I will never understand this show appeal and hype. Instead of being a fun action flick that I would watch for days I got a boring, repetitive mess an action series that suffered from terrible characters, bad directing, choppy animation and shitty dub acting. When I was done with this series I decided to sell the anime at my local Cex store because I never wanted to see this boring mess of an action series again.

The Twelve Kingdoms (Dropped after episode 5 dubbed)


My Score 4/10

We are finally at the last time that I don’t like but everyone loves out of all the shows in this list this was the only anime that I actually dropped that was completed because I personally cannot stand it. It may have an interesting story and good world-building but the annoying characters and awful dubbing completely say otherwise. After the fifth episode decided to call it quits altogether and I ended re-watching Moribito instead.

The series is great by the way.

So those are the animes that I don’t like but everyone loves for now. I know some people would get mad about my opinion of set series but that’s honestly how I feel and I don’t hold back when it comes to opinions. You will eventually encounter people in the anime community that you simply won’t be a fan of your favourite series. So don’t be so hard on them if they were not a fan of your favourite series. You will never know because they may have a good reason of why those shows had failed them while you adore them.

What are your thoughts on this post? Where you surprised by any of the shows that I mentioned on this. Should I give set show a second chance in 2019 and what series would you plot on your own version of this post?

Asirpa I said I was sorry. Please tell that CGI bear to leave me alone!!! >>> Runs back home.

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